Chris Harris Speedweek

It is the time of year for reflection. Awards are handed out for best cars of the year and as always the Porsche 911 is at the top of most outlets showdowns – The 911R being the one in 2016. Top Gears Speedweek presented by Chris Harris (Check out video here) is up there with my picks for best video of the year and also it features more praise for my car of 2016, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio. It hasn’t arrived in New Zealand yet but I can’t wait to see this Italian Stallion in the flesh.

The armchair critic that I am I see that Top Gear also gave it their car of the year. No doubt there will be a few more awards for this beast and hopefully, sales to give Alfa Romeo a new lease on life. It would be a shame to see the nameplate resided to history. Let me know what your favourite car of the year was, even if like me you haven’t driven any of them.


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