Car Subscription Service

Cadillac is about to launch a new program entitled Book by Cadillac, a subscription-based service that lets the subscriber choose the car that is right for them at any given time. Subscribers will be able to choose from the entire lineup, including the performance ATS-V and CTS-V models. All models will be range-topping Platinum trim. All vehicle maintenance is taken care of by Cadillac and included in the $1500 (USD) per month cost is registration, insurance and taxes. There is no limit on mileage and no long-term commitment required. It, of course, all can be run through a mobile app. It will first only be available in New York City area, but plans are underway to expand.

What do you think? $1500 a month is a lot, but if less expensive would you consider such a scheme here in New Zealand. Being able to pick up a Ute for the week to move house and then swapping it out for a sports car to escape for the weekend, wouldn’t be bad. Plus you could drive it like you stole it, without worrying about breaking it. Could suit Holden or Ford here, but wouldn’t it be fun just for a month to taste a Maserati selection.

You can check out more of the details here, if it tickles your fancy and you live in the big apple orchard.


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