The Geneva motor show 2017 turned in some stunners. Including the Pagani Hyuara Roadster that I earlier drooled upon, Ferrari 812 Superfast, Mclaren 720S, Audi RS5, RUF Yellowbird, new 911 GT3 and Peugeot Instinct Concept. But my favourite of the show is the new Alpine 110. A light, small and quick mid-engined sports car that looks gorgeous and is obtainable (88k NZD for the launch Premiere model, of which all 1955 are already sold). It is the looks of both the exterior and interior that have me excited. The aesthetics of the car have not been sacrificed for aerodynamics that make many a modern cars bodywork look gnarly. The interior also just looks right and the seats are crazy cool. They have concentrated on saving weight instead of just pumping in more horsepower to overcome gravity. You can check out a video by EVO’s Dan Prosser, who talks with Alpine’s chief engineer, David Twohig, to find out more about this wonderful new French beauty here.


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