Lancia Thema 8.32 for sale in the land of the long white cloud. And I want it, don’t you? If you know your Lancia’s you’ll know all about this oddball from the great Italian Marque, that has all but faded into the cold night under Sergio Marchionne. It is a travesty the way Lancia has been mistreated really, the company that bought us the Lambda, Aurelia, Stratos, Integrale and many a heroic motorsport moment, has now been reduced to rebadged Chryslers. I wonder if Sergio would sell Lancia if the price was right? We need to start a save Lancia campaign.

Anyway back to the Thema 8.32. A quick rundown for those who don’t know what it is. Basically in 1987 Lancia combined a Ferrari V8 via Ducati with their front wheel drive Thema sedan. This unique formula produced a quick car for the time, 0-100 in 6.9 and a top speed nearing 240 km/h. A lovely Rosewood and Poltrona Frau interior are complemented by Pininfarina styling and it even has a spoiler that rises from the boot lid.

I’ve never driven one, let alone seen one in the flesh but this one on Trademe is just a trip up the highway with an asking price of $24,990(NZD) or near offer. Hard to tell from description and photos if the price is fair but a quick look around the web suggests it might be in the ballpark. Depends a lot on the engine maintenance history of course.

As I can’t tell you how they drive I’ll let David Cironi give you the low-down in the video above.

Tradme listing images 21.12.2016


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