The flat nose 911’s have always been my favourite Porsche’s bar the reimagined by Singer vehicles which are just sensational, but not factory Stuggart soldiers. I never knew they did a 964 Flachbau until now. A lucky bugger from Carfection got to drive one of the widow-makers, which is one of two made in right-hand drive. Only 76 were made and it was only in 2004 that Porsche acknowledged their existence. The car was dressed up with the 959’s air intakes and the pop-up headlamps off a 968 and of course the flat nose for lower drag. Underneath was the 964 turbo with manual gearbox sending 380 horsepower to the rear wheels. Not for the faint hearted then, esspecially with an estimated price tag of 1.2 Million (NZD). A sound investment no doubt as the Porsche 911 market is a healthy one, and if your pockets are deep enough, it is for sale at Hexagon Classics in the UK. It does look the business all dressed in black and it only has just over a 1000km’s on the clock.


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